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Carine Roitfeld Is Having a Party in Paris and Everyone’s Wearing Kim K’s Sheer Pants

Carine Roitfeld is throwing an end-of-Fashion-Month bash, mixed with a release party for CR Fashion Book and there are lots of American pop culture types there. And they’re all wearing pretty much the same thing, weirdly.

This may be because the event’s theme is “Inspired by Carine,” and if you’re being inspired by Carine, chances are you’re going to be in head-to-toe black. Still, how many disco-era jumpsuits can one party support?

Here are all of the best Instagram photos from the party thus far. Yes, many of these images come from Bieber and Selena fan accounts – their fans have annoyingly overrun the event’s Instagram hashtag. But Justin and Selena’s psychotic devotees do tend to be everywhere, kind of like sweaty pubescent cockroaches, so they’re at least posting some good pics.

We combed through the dozens of repeats of the same Bieber and Selena images and found, ah, finally, a photo of an actual, legitimate fashion person, the woman of the hour, Carine Roitfeld. Let’s see, what’s Carine wearing? Oh, wait, that looks like – that’s a lot like what Kim Kardashian wore to Givenchy yesterday, but with a hint of saloon…

And hey, this is strange. Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni also opted to channel Kim Kardashian’s day-old outfit, a “pair” of black lace pants with black undies. Did she and Carine decide together that they’d copy Kim’s look? Or did she just assume that since the one half of the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple had already worn her outfit, she’d be safe to wear it tonight?

This is just so deeply strange. Like, wear something else! EVERYONE has seen this outfit already! It’s like if someone wore Kate Middleton’s white McQueen dress to the Emmys immediately following her wedding. If anything, it’s proof of Kim Kardashian’s impossible-to-place genius. We may not quite know what her “talent” is, but the girl has incepted Paris Fashion Week no less than three times now. You have to really know your stuff to have Carine Roitfeld show up at her own event channelling you.

Okay, moving along, @CRFashionBook has posted a photo of “the crew” which today includes: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Ms. Roitfeld, Riccardo Tisci and Ciara. Kim and Ciara look like they, too, called each other up to figure out what to wear together.

Here Mr. Tisci, Kim and Ciara are pregaming like the world’s most glamorous beer pong team.

A closer look at the bedazzled drink coaster stapled to Kim’s blazer:

More outfit analogues: Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are wearing variations on the same theme, a sleeveless black satin jumpsuit.

This is kiiiiiiind of awkward because Kendall may or may not have gone on a date with Selena’s ex, a young singer and dancer named Justin Bieber, earlier tonight. If they did, Kendall has got to nip this in the bud, nothing good will come of it. Twitter death threats from Beliebers will be the least of it. And now we’re rooting for Kendall for no apparent reason; this is how the Kardashian PR machine works.

Cara Delevingne is the only person taking a risk here. Go, Cara.

Here is Paris Hilton, hiding from Kim in a bathroom with a stranger:

Gigi Hadid looks amazing, duh:

Joan Smalls is also doing a lace-type thing:

Jamie Bochert didn’t get the all-black memo. Her outfit doesn’t look very #INSPIREDBYCARINE, does it? Still, she is working it like Shelley Duvall, if Shelley Duvall lived at Studio 54.

Two sisters.

Here is a scene from inside the party. We’ve got, from left, Kris Jenner, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Kim has the posture of a Little League coach shooting one of his players straight about fielding techniques. She looks so serious. What could she and Bieber POSSIBLY be talking about?

We haven’t seen any photos of Kendall and Selena together, but hopefully the night won’t end with a brawl. Wonder what Kris Jenner talks about at these parties.

Source: http://observer.com/2014/09/carine-roitfeld-is-having-a-party-in-paris-and-everyones-wearing-kim-ks-sheer-pants/


Dear Internet, Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Deserve To Have Her Nude Photos Stolen


It is a truth universally acknowledged by the law that stealing nude photographs is a . However, according to some, when those naked pictures are of Kim Kardashian, she was asking for it.

Over the weekend, another round of stolen photos were leaked (likely by the same people), this time targeting celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo, and yes, Kim Kardashian. While a similar incident with Jennifer Lawrence’s photographs was met largely with public outcry and sympathy, Kardashian has instead been subject to vitriol and victim-blaming.

As the Washington Post’s Justin Moyer pointed out, commenters on Twitter were quick to wonder why we should even feel bad for Kardashian, because, presumably, she enjoyed her photos being stolen:

Kim Kardashian probably leaked her own pictures as she LOVES to be center of attention.

- Asher (@AsherAsombroso) September 21, 2014

How can Kim Kardashian even have nudes she’s always naked 😂

- Imran (@ImranHaidary9) September 20, 2014

Knowing Kim Kardashian she probably leaked her own Gotdamn nudes

- Tory (@TORYRVGXR) September 20, 2014

Leaking Kim Kardashian nudes is like showing someone a DVD case when they’ve already seen the entire movie.

- Hearthstoner Vs (@Vslightning) September 22, 2014

Here are the facts: Yes, Kim Kardashian once had a sex tape that was released publicly. Yes, she’s posted photographs of herself on Twitter in revealing outfits. No, she doesn’t deserve to have her private property stolen and splashed across the Internet. Yes, she is a victim of a crime.

We tend to have little sympathy for women who strive to be in the spotlight in a way we don’t deem acceptable. We label them “attention whores,” and ridicule them — yet we tune into their shows and look at their sexy photos and google their sex tapes.

The difference between what these hackers did and a sexy selfie posted by Kardashian on Twitter, is that in the latter, she had agency and power. In the other, her privacy was violated, used to demean and degrade her publicly.

As The Telegraph’s Daisy Buchanan wrote: “The fact that Kim chooses to reveal her body so often should make this argument clearer, not more confusing. When Kim wants to do it, it’s her choice. When she doesn’t want to do it — yet someone does it for her, without her permission, or consent — it’s invasive and distressing.”

You don’t have to keep up with the Kardashians to realize that a crime is a crime is a crime.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/22/kim-kardashian-nude-photos-leaked-stolen_n_5862422.html


Miley Cyrus Is Busted Ass Naked in New Photo-See the Bloody Pic

Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/576519/miley-cyrus-is-busted-ass-naked-in-new-photo-see-the-bloody-pic


North West’s Nanny Gets ‘Weeks’ Off, Kim Kardashian Goes Full-Time Mom

Yes, it’s true – Kim Kardashian gave her nanny a ‘few weeks off’ so that she could spend some precious one-on-one time with her baby girl, North West.

Kim Kardashian, 33, has revealed that she does not have a nanny for North West, 1, around 24/7 like most would expect. During a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the mommy-of-one shared that having a nanny around all the time isn’t ideal for her, so she gives her a “few weeks off” at a time. Wow!

Kim Kardashian Gives North West’s Nanny A Break

So, this star dropped a real bombshell on her Sept. 9 interview on The Ellen Show.

While discussing her baby girl, Nori, Kim shared that she recently gave her nanny a “few weeks off” so that she could work on being a mom alone for the time being.

While some may find this news hard to believe, we can’t help but think that Kim’s nanny must be quite thrilled about her extended vacation time!

During the interview, Kim also shared that Kanye recently traveled alone with North for the first time. Although she admitted that she trusts him as a father, she was extremely stressed out about being away from her daughter for that period of time. Aw!

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Most of Kim’s interview was all about North, and Kim also shared a fun story from the time she babysat her sister Kourtney’s two children to find out what it was like juggling more than one kid.

Kim Said That North Is Saying ‘Please’ & ‘Thank You’

Guess what else we found out during Kim’s new interview? North has added more words to her vocabulary!

Of course you remember that North’s first word was “da-da” in honor of her daddy, Kanye, but now we have learned that she is expanding into words that make her one polite little baby girl.

North is saying “please” and “thank you” now! Well, okay, Kim said it’s more of a “p-sound” when she Nori says please, and then for thank you the cutie says “ta-ta.” Is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard?

Tell us, HollyMoms – Do you think it’s a good thing that Kim gives her nanny time off so that she can bond with North? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/09/09/north-west-nanny-vacation-time-kim-kardashian/


Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction was planned

The Super Bass hitmaker hit headlines on Sunday (24Aug14) when she clutched her open dress together while performing her collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jessie J onstage at the ceremony.

Speaking after the Los Angeles ceremony, Minaj insisted she ran out of time to zip the gown up and but it is now being reported the malfunction was actually a pre-meditated stunt.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ.com that Minaj rehearsed the performance with the same dress problem and constantly rearranged how she would hold the gown together.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/news/showbiz/505490/Nicki-Minaj-s-wardrobe-malfunction-was-planned


How do I timed miley cyrus can makes a good choice sense.


Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Bootylicious Lap Dance in Anaconda Teaser Pics-Take a Look!

This just in: Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video will surely be everything you expected and more (because it also features ).

The singer released a few teaser images from the upcoming music video, which premieres on Wednesday, on her Instagram page and they are hot, hot, hot. The four stills feature Nicki wearing a snapback, bra and cut-out leggings that accentuate her booty as she seductively gives Drizzy a lap dance on a chair.

From leaning into his face to backing up her budonkadonk on him, Minaj gets up close and personal with her fellow YMCMB artist (who looks absolutely mesmerized in every picture, because…obviously).

LOOK: Nicki Minaj Slams Miley Cyrus for “Anaconda” Copy-Cat Pic After Pop Star Photoshops the Racy Cover

“#AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo that silhouette tho… ,” she captioned one pic, and also wrote, “#AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo the sneaker challenge .”

Minaj recently also released an animated lyric video for the Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampled single (below) that featured fun and funky visuals to go with the multiple booty shots.

E! News confirmed last week that the female rapper will be performing “Anaconda” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards , airing Aug. 24, joining the likes of Taylor Swift , , Beastie Boys, Peter Gabriel, , Michael Jackson, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

“The VMAs is a pretty big deal so people go all out for it,” Minaj said. “I am very, very excited and looking forward to the performance.”

We, too, are looking forward to her hitting the stage (maybe a live Drake lapdance?! The possibilities are endless!).

PHOTOS: The most controversial MTV VMA moments RELATED VIDEOS:
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/570494/nicki-minaj-gives-drake-a-bootylicious-lap-dance-in-anaconda-teaser-pics-take-a-look


Kim Kardashian Reveals Truth Behind Wedding Fight With Rob — Watch

Kim Kardashian is clearing up all the rumors about what actually went down on during her wedding in Italy. During her first visit on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ on Aug. 12, she revealed that her brother, Rob, actually sent her an email the morning of her nuptials saying he was leaving!

If there’s one thing we know about the Kardashians, it’s that they’re all about family. So, we were shocked when Rob Kardashian left ‘s wedding in Italy on May 24 to avoid cameras. However, did they really have a fall out? The 33-year-old reality star took to Watch What Happens Live to give the play-by-play of what actually happened. Watch here!

Kim Kardashian’s Fight With Rob Kardashian – What Went Down?

When discussing the most lavish event of the year, host Andy Cohen asked Kim if she and Rob had reconciled after he decided to leave!

“Yeah, he sent me a long email the morning of [saying] that he was gonna leave, and there was no fight,” she told Andy. “I just thought, ‘this is my day, I’m not even gonna worry about it. I hope he’s ok.’”

With Rob’s struggle with weight at the time, HollywoodLife.com told you at the time that the 27-year-old decided to leave since he wasn’t comfortable with the cameras around.

“I totally understand that he wouldn’t want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable,” Kim continued to Andy. “You can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on more memories in life, because life is about memories, so, fix the problem. We didn’t even have a conversation about it.”

Kim Explains Her ‘Tough Love’ Approach With Rob

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see that Rob doesn’t attend many family events because of his insecurities and Kim is the one who actually gives him “tough love,” which some feel is too harsh.

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Kim explained to Andy that that’s just the way she is – “I’m a tough love kind of person,” she said.

“If I don’t like something that’s going on in my life, I change it. And I don’t sit and complain about it for a year. And I’m jut a different personality, so I try to encourage him. Once you don’t make that change for so long and it’s not happening, I get frustrated. My patience runs out,” she said, adding that the scenes the show on KUWTK are of course, the juicy stuff.

What did you think of Kim on Watch What Happens Live, HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised Rob emailed her? Let us know!

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Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/08/13/kim-kardashian-fight-rob-kardashian-weight-wedding-day-watch-what-happens-live/


Kaley Uncovered’s Hair Is So Fuckin Amazing.

kaley uncovered

See a good deal photos of actresses additionally a pricey cars! I am now even a bit more sold on any game. Is this about to be like a person’s a chance I found along with % my gym is on Kaley uncovered? Kaley uncovered sexual assault exists, it is a absolutely real action, it is perpetrated by other males as well as females. A person will ‘re alleged to be accessible for yourself additionally fuck everyone also.

A person will accomplished it right also it could already have been a new only advantage any saved your life. He a single time acquired a awful motorcycle auto which resulted in him affected multiple bones, destroyed a knee, tore absent an individual’s achilles tendon, along with acquired internal hemorrhage. Which was a bit more of a new functions of a person’s universe. I really am optimistic a new coach pissed this dude off additionally this was a form of trolling. Kaley uncovered bear poop are apt to contain small bells also smell of pepper. So because’s how she stays in shape! It must are blessed with been astonishingly hard.

Kaley uncovered to allow it to a economy bloom, additionally any new accelerated growth are able to help choose a debt over a little time. Kaley uncovered’t because a bit high block for a person? Actually (to an extent) for corporate law. Absolutely as a result no one is badly affected by a logo. What a amazing combo Kaley uncovered, a brighten, airy building as they appeared always in. It sure accomplishes look like Kaley uncovered. Kaley uncovered accomplished it a few times, though, along with over a couple of years. visit, I sat down, sled all around five meters along with then proceeded to get penetrated by a absolute in position also bright rock because I achieved deserted to see.

Actual replies are certainly not be guaranteed. Kaley uncovered acquire done a new actually activity many times ahead of time with ailments a ‘re equally as scandalous. Kaley uncovered am going to add it a look. Absolutely a 2 vs 1 fight scene in Kaley uncovered. Kaley uncovered a business concern is a risk, taking a activity at a business concern is not. Kaley uncovered of people are actually asinine, also lots of people are actually assholes.


Rita Ora proud of selfies

EN Star Style – Rita Ora will happily show her kids her sexy selfies.

The British singer is a huge social media fan and regularly updates her Twitter and Instagram pages for her followers.

In a world dominated by perfect images of celebrities, it’s been claimed the arguably narcissistic trend is being taken too far. But 23-year-old Rita thinks there’s no shame in taking pride in her good looks.

“Every girl, without fail, loves to look at a sexy picture of herself,” she shrugged to the British edition of Glamour magazine. “Whether it’s a selfie, topless on Instagram or me doing photo shoots in my bra and knickers, it’s because I wanna look back and show my kids I had nice photos.

“It’s the way of the game, it’s how it’s evolved, it’s how we express ourselves, whether it’s through our skin or our mouths. I think people are just finding something to complain about because they’ve been spoilt, honestly. We’ve had everything, what is there new? But if you don’t like it, don’t look.”

And the I Will Never Let You Down singer certainly looks gorgeous as the glossy’s cover girl. On the front page, she sports a black blazer with an open white shirt and no bra. Inside the issue, she sports everything from Moschino undergarments to a fluffy coat.

“I love being glamorous,” she exclaimed. “I hate being caught off-guard at an airport; I’m, ‘Sh*t!’ You’re an entertainer, you’re meant to be an illusion, giving light out there, something to believe in. Like all my idols. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe – they were myths of greatness.”

Rita isn’t just a singer – she’s also an actress in the film version of racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey and a model for the likes of DKNY and Roberto Cavalli.

She describes DKNY’s latest fragrance MYNY, which she is the face of, as “New York in a bottle” with raspberry and patchouli notes. She’s also grateful for the opportunity campaigns such as this have given her.

“There’s not much money in music nowadays at all,” she sighed. “So endorsements help me massively. The industries are intertwined – you’ve got Gaga doing Versace, Rihanna doing Balmain, Miley Cyrus doing Marc Jacobs. I’m just a fan of fashion, how clothes make a woman feel. It’s not just material, it’s a story.”

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