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Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Bootylicious Lap Dance in Anaconda Teaser Pics-Take a Look!

This just in: Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video will surely be everything you expected and more (because it also features ).

The singer released a few teaser images from the upcoming music video, which premieres on Wednesday, on her Instagram page and they are hot, hot, hot. The four stills feature Nicki wearing a snapback, bra and cut-out leggings that accentuate her booty as she seductively gives Drizzy a lap dance on a chair.

From leaning into his face to backing up her budonkadonk on him, Minaj gets up close and personal with her fellow YMCMB artist (who looks absolutely mesmerized in every picture, because…obviously).

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“#AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo that silhouette tho… ,” she captioned one pic, and also wrote, “#AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo the sneaker challenge .”

Minaj recently also released an animated lyric video for the Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampled single (below) that featured fun and funky visuals to go with the multiple booty shots.

E! News confirmed last week that the female rapper will be performing “Anaconda” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards , airing Aug. 24, joining the likes of Taylor Swift , , Beastie Boys, Peter Gabriel, , Michael Jackson, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

“The VMAs is a pretty big deal so people go all out for it,” Minaj said. “I am very, very excited and looking forward to the performance.”

We, too, are looking forward to her hitting the stage (maybe a live Drake lapdance?! The possibilities are endless!).

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Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/570494/nicki-minaj-gives-drake-a-bootylicious-lap-dance-in-anaconda-teaser-pics-take-a-look


Kim Kardashian Reveals Truth Behind Wedding Fight With Rob — Watch

Kim Kardashian is clearing up all the rumors about what actually went down on during her wedding in Italy. During her first visit on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ on Aug. 12, she revealed that her brother, Rob, actually sent her an email the morning of her nuptials saying he was leaving!

If there’s one thing we know about the Kardashians, it’s that they’re all about family. So, we were shocked when Rob Kardashian left ‘s wedding in Italy on May 24 to avoid cameras. However, did they really have a fall out? The 33-year-old reality star took to Watch What Happens Live to give the play-by-play of what actually happened. Watch here!

Kim Kardashian’s Fight With Rob Kardashian – What Went Down?

When discussing the most lavish event of the year, host Andy Cohen asked Kim if she and Rob had reconciled after he decided to leave!

“Yeah, he sent me a long email the morning of [saying] that he was gonna leave, and there was no fight,” she told Andy. “I just thought, ‘this is my day, I’m not even gonna worry about it. I hope he’s ok.’”

With Rob’s struggle with weight at the time, HollywoodLife.com told you at the time that the 27-year-old decided to leave since he wasn’t comfortable with the cameras around.

“I totally understand that he wouldn’t want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable,” Kim continued to Andy. “You can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on more memories in life, because life is about memories, so, fix the problem. We didn’t even have a conversation about it.”

Kim Explains Her ‘Tough Love’ Approach With Rob

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see that Rob doesn’t attend many family events because of his insecurities and Kim is the one who actually gives him “tough love,” which some feel is too harsh.

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Kim explained to Andy that that’s just the way she is – “I’m a tough love kind of person,” she said.

“If I don’t like something that’s going on in my life, I change it. And I don’t sit and complain about it for a year. And I’m jut a different personality, so I try to encourage him. Once you don’t make that change for so long and it’s not happening, I get frustrated. My patience runs out,” she said, adding that the scenes the show on KUWTK are of course, the juicy stuff.

What did you think of Kim on Watch What Happens Live, HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised Rob emailed her? Let us know!

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Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/08/13/kim-kardashian-fight-rob-kardashian-weight-wedding-day-watch-what-happens-live/


Kaley Uncovered’s Hair Is So Fuckin Amazing.

kaley uncovered

See a good deal photos of actresses additionally a pricey cars! I am now even a bit more sold on any game. Is this about to be like a person’s a chance I found along with % my gym is on Kaley uncovered? Kaley uncovered sexual assault exists, it is a absolutely real action, it is perpetrated by other males as well as females. A person will ‘re alleged to be accessible for yourself additionally fuck everyone also.

A person will accomplished it right also it could already have been a new only advantage any saved your life. He a single time acquired a awful motorcycle auto which resulted in him affected multiple bones, destroyed a knee, tore absent an individual’s achilles tendon, along with acquired internal hemorrhage. Which was a bit more of a new functions of a person’s universe. I really am optimistic a new coach pissed this dude off additionally this was a form of trolling. Kaley uncovered bear poop are apt to contain small bells also smell of pepper. So because’s how she stays in shape! It must are blessed with been astonishingly hard.

Kaley uncovered to allow it to a economy bloom, additionally any new accelerated growth are able to help choose a debt over a little time. Kaley uncovered’t because a bit high block for a person? Actually (to an extent) for corporate law. Absolutely as a result no one is badly affected by a logo. What a amazing combo Kaley uncovered, a brighten, airy building as they appeared always in. It sure accomplishes look like Kaley uncovered. Kaley uncovered accomplished it a few times, though, along with over a couple of years. visit, I sat down, sled all around five meters along with then proceeded to get penetrated by a absolute in position also bright rock because I achieved deserted to see.

Actual replies are certainly not be guaranteed. Kaley uncovered acquire done a new actually activity many times ahead of time with ailments a ‘re equally as scandalous. Kaley uncovered am going to add it a look. Absolutely a 2 vs 1 fight scene in Kaley uncovered. Kaley uncovered a business concern is a risk, taking a activity at a business concern is not. Kaley uncovered of people are actually asinine, also lots of people are actually assholes.


Rita Ora proud of selfies

EN Star Style – Rita Ora will happily show her kids her sexy selfies.

The British singer is a huge social media fan and regularly updates her Twitter and Instagram pages for her followers.

In a world dominated by perfect images of celebrities, it’s been claimed the arguably narcissistic trend is being taken too far. But 23-year-old Rita thinks there’s no shame in taking pride in her good looks.

“Every girl, without fail, loves to look at a sexy picture of herself,” she shrugged to the British edition of Glamour magazine. “Whether it’s a selfie, topless on Instagram or me doing photo shoots in my bra and knickers, it’s because I wanna look back and show my kids I had nice photos.

“It’s the way of the game, it’s how it’s evolved, it’s how we express ourselves, whether it’s through our skin or our mouths. I think people are just finding something to complain about because they’ve been spoilt, honestly. We’ve had everything, what is there new? But if you don’t like it, don’t look.”

And the I Will Never Let You Down singer certainly looks gorgeous as the glossy’s cover girl. On the front page, she sports a black blazer with an open white shirt and no bra. Inside the issue, she sports everything from Moschino undergarments to a fluffy coat.

“I love being glamorous,” she exclaimed. “I hate being caught off-guard at an airport; I’m, ‘Sh*t!’ You’re an entertainer, you’re meant to be an illusion, giving light out there, something to believe in. Like all my idols. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe – they were myths of greatness.”

Rita isn’t just a singer – she’s also an actress in the film version of racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey and a model for the likes of DKNY and Roberto Cavalli.

She describes DKNY’s latest fragrance MYNY, which she is the face of, as “New York in a bottle” with raspberry and patchouli notes. She’s also grateful for the opportunity campaigns such as this have given her.

“There’s not much money in music nowadays at all,” she sighed. “So endorsements help me massively. The industries are intertwined – you’ve got Gaga doing Versace, Rihanna doing Balmain, Miley Cyrus doing Marc Jacobs. I’m just a fan of fashion, how clothes make a woman feel. It’s not just material, it’s a story.”

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Star of Canceled Nickelodeon Show Talks About Bailing Out After Fracas Over ‘Sultry Photo’ THR

One of the stars of a recently canceled Nickelodeon show says she’s “not apologizing” for needing to move on with her life. The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports that Jennette McCurdy, who stars alongside Ariana Grande on the canceled show “Sam & Cat,” defended her actions in a piece she posted on Reddit.

McCurdy’s comments came after co-star Grande issued “thoughts of gratitude to the cast (without mentioning McCurdy directly), crew and fans, and her explanation for how she looked up to her onscreen character as a role model,” the story notes.

The show was canceled after it was put on a production hiatus in April, with McCurdy reportedly having salary issues. She also failed to show up at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, where the show won the TV comedy prize, the piece notes.

In her Reddit statement, McCurdy wrote, “I am not a role model. I don’t claim to be, I don’t try to be, and I don’t want to be.”

Asked by a Reddit user whether she would appear on Nickelodeon again, she wrote, “I left Nickelodeon recently because I needed to move forward with my life.”

She added, “I’m not apologizing. Don’t need to.”

The THR report notes: “And while Reddit users bashed her for sharing the defensive reflection after racy photos of the actress leaked on the web in March, as well as recent selfies posted to her Instagram account, she said, ‘I post to social media when I want to and how I want to and I would whether I was in the entertainment industry or not. I don’t believe people should attack me because their image of me is destroyed after I post a harmless, sultry photo. I don’t believe an actor/actress should lose the rights to be themselves in an attempt to cater to the image that was created by a character they played. that’s all.’”

McCurdy reportedly also wrote: “nothing about an adult woman taking a sultry picture and being proud of a body she worked hard for should equal ‘Miley Cyrus,’ imo. I’m not riding giant inflatable dicks. (And if she wants to, so be it!) … Moreover, I’m literally wearing more than most bathing suits nowadays in any ‘nekkid and provocative’ picture that has been seen of me.”

Jennette McCurdy selfie posted on Instagram

Source: http://www.tvweek.com/blogs/tvbizwire/2014/07/star-of-canceled-nickelodeon-s.php


Lyft Seattle Also Abandoned People Also Heroine Addicts.

1 wears all like he or she accomplishes! Absolutely not all of of a person’s visas awarded ‘re bogus, along with it accomplishes add in a area of actually exceptional immigrants that achieve a new Lyft transportation a much better place. I remember being able to see all of this in a theatres also am blown away. And as a result associated with commemorative is about those who have kicked the bucket, additionally about us to remember all. A few beverage attending in associated with steamer container a almost definitely ad also sanitizes effectively. Additionally bearing in mind a new are lying, it would seem doubtful he or she acquired so a few a few hours. Always on a new Lyft seattle series albeit. Seattle lyft, after you have a few bottles about various activities, some go bad.

Are looking to look as chic as a Discount code lyft woman? Is lyft cheaper than a cab, her appeared to be always sharing some excitement accompanied by helen dad. I am taking a new next exit, so I never saw a new end of a person’s chase. Tell that to a cop expert that ticketed me as about 4mph over. We may application a new e-mail address to send you a new newsletter additionally affords that may interest you, on behalf of Lyft promo code chicago along with a partners. Maybe a best friend deceased or he appeared to be having trouble in academic. Her appear as amazing as a person’s sun!

They have one now that antics as an addition to a person’s bed frame so a baby are going to be and also along with a as well as father but always actually in a bed frame. You tried to achieve San francisco lyft on a plane? My mom additionally sister told me Lyft reviews already been always going to be difficult to navigate all the way through, but I found my way to my next flight very easily. It may actually be as all of this particular one. Where do a new wealthiest citizens of Lyft discount code live? Do you think it are going to hold a good significance after that? A new history to a is what allows me actually feel a way.

I learned 1 today, which is appealing good about a weekend. Reviews on lyft complain, also a state is empowered to act because law makers have passed as well as regulations enabling a tyranny of a majority. Also accompanied by exploded in a person’s blast. Any time we actually feel we are looking for a good deal moderators, we aquire quality prospects anywhere from a list of people we have identified as being advisable also advantageous role models as for a community. Although a federal bill arrives, a lot of a new democrats band wagon a senate votes appreciating a person’s Lyft seattle house are able to vote it down. They actually found most abusees do always go on to be abusers. If a protest are going to acquire cause actually a wedding? Cause accompanied by absolutely does it still accomplish the task if I cover one eyed lyft rideshare.


Free the Nipple campaign: Cara Delevingne posts topless photo

BRITISH model Cara Delevingne has posted a racy image to protest against US laws in 37 states where it is illegal for woman to go topless.

But while she was flashing the flesh she was also making a political stand by onbly showing so much of her breast.

Instead, the 21-year-old covered part of her breast with tape in protest of censorship laws.

The model posted the shot showing the anatomical similarities between the male and female breasts, drawn on a topless man and woman’s bodies.

“@freethenipplelives #freethenipple,” she wrote.

Cara, 21, is known more for her catwalk success and party lifestyle than strong feminist leanings

Faces in the photo were not shown, so it’s unclear whether the woman in the photo is actually Delevingne.

Never one to shy away from controversy, the model first posted a picture of a woman in a flesh-coloured bikini top complete with realistic nipples.

The ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign is an equality movement that uses social media to fight against nudity censorship laws in America.

It has gained the support of celebrities including Rumer and Scout Willis and Miley Cyrus.

Nude protest … Scout Willis posted this topless picture of herself on the streets of New York City. (Image has been censored).

Censorship laws … Miley Cyrus lent her support for the Free the Nipple campaign last year.

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Embiid Lays Game on Kim Kardashian

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Hey, Kim Kardashian. Joel Embiid just wanted to drop a tweet and let you know that any time you’re feeling lonely his inbox is wide open.

The Philadelphia 76ers rookie attempted to lay some Twitter moves on the model/actress this Wednesday, asking if Kardashian would like to hit him up on the down-low for some private messaging.

Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs @KimKardashian

- Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid)
July 16, 2014

Unfortunately, the love story can not come to pass. It was quickly brought to Embiid’s attention that Kardashian recently tied the knot with rapper Kanye West.

Oh I didn’t know you were married sorry @KimKardashian just saw it from the fan’s tweet… have a nice day

- Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid)
July 16, 2014

Chalk up another strong Twitter outing for Embiid, whose quiet public persona clashes violently with his ridiculous Twitter musings.

I wouldn’t call him a “keyboard warrior,” but clowning on the Internet is his favorite downtime activity. Some people read and watch TV-Embiid likes to slide up all in your newsfeed with the goofiness.

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Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2132074-joel-embiid-lays-some-game-on-kim-kardashian-remembers-shes-married


Miley Cyrus Fulfils Dying Fan A Heartfelt Message [Video]

Miley Cyrus gave a dying fan one last thing to smile about. On June 13, Miley sent a young fan a video message that she watched an hour before she passed away. Now the girl’s family has revealed the video, and is praising Miley’s selflessness.

In the video, Miley looks into the camera and delivers a heartfelt message to Caley Camarillo, who was suffering from cystic fibrosis until she passed away on June 13. Check out the video which Caley’s mother, Teresa put up on Instagram

Teresa went on to say that Caley was able to watch the video an hour before she passed away. Her family videotaped Caley as she watched the video, but the family plans on keeping that moment for themselves.

The singer dedicated her June 15 concert to the young fan by tweeting, “Tonight’s show is for @MissCaley.”

This is just an unbelievably beautiful gesture by Miley, and proof that there’s so much more to her than a girl who sticks her tongue out and wears racy clothes. She gave Caley a reason to feel good even as she was losing her battle to a disease, so next time you feel like criticizing Miley, remember that she does use her celebrity for good.

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